ENSENADA, MEXICO – On April 21, 2017, Renewal Remodels and Additions worked alongside Youth with a Mission to build a home for a family in need.

The Vasquez-Conde family works hard, but never seems to catch a break. Max and Erika spend 7 days a week, hard at work in fields, cutting flowers beneath the sweltering sun. On a good week, they’ll each earn $40; but that doesn’t go far supporting their three young children, Brisa (6), Belen (5), and Brittany (3). The family lived in a home that Max and Erika had built out of scrap wood and tarps. The small, 10X10 home had only a single bed, with no mattress. Their clothes and many of their belongings were stored in a plastic garbage bin, to keep them off the dirt floor. If anybody deserved a helping hand, it was the Vasquez-Conde family.

Renewal was thrilled to travel to Ensenada and lend the Vasquez-Condes our building and remodeling expertise. We were so excited to be able to meet Max, Erika, and their three sweet children, and felt privileged to build them a new home. Through many generous donations and lots of support, our 17 volunteers were able to construct and furnish a new home for this beautiful family over the course of two days! Our team worked tirelessly, despite the hot weather. Some volunteers framed the house. Some did roofing. Others painted, and took the family grocery shopping. There was an inspiring amount of unity, as we worked alongside the Vasquez-Conde family, and their neighbors.

Once construction was complete, we filled the new home with new appliances, furniture, beds, and toys, and held a small dedication ceremony, which was heartwarming and emotional for everyone involved. Each of the volunteers held the keys to the new home, and shared their feelings with the Vasquez-Condes. To see the family’s reaction to their new home was a beautiful and tender moment we will never forget! We didn’t just build a home. We helped build hope and a brighter future for Max, Erika and their three little girls. We’ll treasure our experiences in Ensenada for the rest of our lives, and look forward to the next time we can help another family in need!


It was such an awesome experience. We love going and hope we are able to go next year. It’s so rewarding to be able to bless a family without a home.

– George Eide












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