Our award winning design team prides themselves on staying current and being in the know with the latest in design. Here is what you will be seeing more of in 2017:

1. Large format porcelain tile

Large format porcelain tile reduces the number of grout lines, providing a more streamlined look that is easier to clean and maintain. The large format helps to open up and simplify the look of your space.

2. Rose gold and brushed gold finishes

We are seeing two increasingly popular finishes within the gold family: rose gold and brushed gold. A gold finish is so classic, but either of these two brings subtle differences to the typical gold finish, adding warmth and character to the overall design.

3. Contrasting islands

An island can be such a beautiful and useful addition to a kitchen. Contrasting the color of the island from the rest of the room allows the structure to pop and adds depth to the color and design of the space.

4. Lighted mirrors

These could be considered the mirrors of the future: A mirror that includes task lighting, USB ports, and audio capability. With a minimalist design hosting so many features, lighted mirrors are most certainly here to stay.

5. Art Deco 1920’s

Great design is not all about coming up with something brand new; sometimes refreshing an inspired look of the past brings to a space the perfect marriage of vintage charm and modern luxury.


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by Sarah Franklin