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As her husband was relying more and more on his wheelchair, this homeowner decided it was time to remodel their home so they could remain there and her husband to be comfortable. There were two parts to this remodel, install an elevator to access all floors of the house and to remodel the master bathroom with an accessible bathroom remodel. The first portion of the project was the master bathroom.

The curbed shower was removed and a new curb-less shower was installed.

To begin the accessible bathroom remodel, we started by making the shower more accessible. Many different fixtures were added in the shower. Along with the typical shower head, a shower head on a slide bar was added so that one can sit on the new teak wall mounted folding bench and still be able to wash. A 6” rain head was installed in the center of shower along with grab bars. To give the shower a modern and sleek line, a 12”x24” beige tile laid horizontal. To emphasize the horizontal nature of the tile and increase the appearance of the bathroom, two horizontal bands of glass linear accent tile surround the new tile shower.

The dated vanity cabinet and colorful countertop was replaced with a new clear Alder shaker cabinet with a cinnamon finish. The blue tiled counter was replaced with a Giallo Ornamental granite counter to compliment the new vanity cabinets. The design of the vanity was also taken into account when it came to wheel chair accessibility. The cabinet doors under the sink are able to be removed so as he becomes more and more dependent on his wheelchair the new vanity can be easily modified to suit him.

In order to gain more storage space within the bathroom, a tall pantry cabinet was installed next to the toilet, separating the toilet and the shower space, giving each access to both spare toilet paper and a clean tower.

The second project to be started was the new elevator. A location was found was found that would be able to service the three levels of the house; the garage, the main floor and the second floor. The new elevator shaft needed to be located as close to the center of the house as possible so that the clearances needed able the elevator for the mechanical equipment could be achieved. One of the problems arose was the original roof framing of the house was engineered trusses. With the new elevator shaft needing to penetrate these trusses, we needed to reframe this portion of the roof with conventional lumber without disturbing the roofing.

With the elevator and the accessible bathroom remodel projects now complete, both homeowners have easy access to all portions of the house.

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