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With a multi-generational family living in this home, it became painfully clear the room they spent most of their time, the kitchen, lacked function and was too small.  The homeowners wanted to remodel the kitchen to an ideal bakers kitchen, so that everyone could enjoy the space together and be comfortable while doing so.

The dated wood and white cabinets were replaced with new Cherry wood cabinets with a black glaze finish. The owners chose a classic raised panel door to add a certain sense of elegance to the kitchen. To offset the deep richness of the cabinets, a Frosty Carina quartz countertop was installed. The backsplash for the kitchen consists of two parts, a glass and stone blend linear tile and a white polished tile that was cut down to a 3”x12” tile to create a subway tile affect.

To increase the size of the kitchen without adding onto the house, the laundry room that was in the corner of the kitchen was moved to the basement. With these walls removed we were able to create a large desk space for the owner’s daughter who is a school teacher. This new desk space is much larger and spacious than the old desk in the kitchen. Large pantry cabinets flank either side of the desk provide ample storage for all her teaching needs. In the upper cabinets, an outlet and cable was run for a TV unit so the cook in the kitchen can also enjoy a little TV as they cook.

The owner spends the majority of her day in the kitchen, not only cooking for her family but also canning baking pies for various events. So the new bakers kitchen layout needed to be functional for her and her different activities in the kitchen. The small nook that once had a small desk was redesigned as a baking zone providing the owner with tremendous amounts of cabinet storage for her baking needs and wide expanse of counter space to roll out and make her pies.

The old kitchen functional space was divided about the kitchen. There was a stovetop in the island, a refrigerator just behind, and a wall oven across the room. The new kitchen was designed with a more functional layout for the owner. A new and larger stove was given prominence against the wall with a hood built into the kitchen cabinets. To assist in the homeowners numerous baking activities, the old wall oven was saved and mounted in the end of island across from the new stove. The refrigerator was relocated to a side wall replacing the wall oven. A thin pantry cabinet for easy access was placed on the side of the refrigerator to house the numerous spices the owner cooks with every day.

Now complete, the new bakers kitchen provides plenty of space of all family members.

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