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When the young homeowners purchased this residence on Bonney Lake, they knew they had found the perfect spot on the lake to call home. The home, however, did not match the picture of the modern lake house they had in their head. So, we gave them the lake home remodel they always dreamed of.

As typical with most water front homes, the front of the home is not really the side of the home that gets the attention. This home was dated and the structure of the gambrel roof of the home established the style. This would be our biggest challenge in creating the modern home the owners were looking for. To achieve the new look for the home, new exterior walls and roof were framed around the existing roof structure, completely changing the appearance of the home. A large brick fireplace that was evident on the Lakeside of the house was removed allowing for a large double sliding door to be centered in the family room.

After living in the home for a while, the homeowners decided that the covered entry/carport structure could be put to better use. The idea was to create a new open entry, kitchen and dining space. This addition allowed the introduction of an even more modern structural feel to the home. The single sloped roof opens to the lakeside providing large expanses of windows. On either side of these windows, large wooden, angled braces are mounted to the exterior wall, supporting the large overhangs of the new roof.

To give the house another modern update, new siding was installed around the house. A dark gray belly band line was placed just above the window heads. Below this belly band a medium gray lap siding was installed with an 8” reveal. To offset the base a light gray lap siding with a 5” reveal was installed above the belly band.

The new hardscape for the Lake Side of the home pulls the modern relaxing theme of this house together. A new deck off the kitchen addition was built to match the existing deck off the living room. A small walkway connects the two decks with a custom made wire rail. An enclosed gazebo was removed to make way for a new concrete patio seating area. A linear concrete formed fire pit creates a small cozy area for seating to enjoy the lake as the sun goes down.

With this lake home remodel now complete, the exterior of the home matches the modern Lake Home the owners were looking for.

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