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New Home Kitchen Update


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The Owners purchased this 1950’s home from her parents. The house was perfect for their needs and it was sentimental for her to keep the family home in the family. However, there was one room that the homeowners knew was going to have to change, the kitchen. Our team then began to plan a new home kitchen update.

Our first glance at the kitchen revealed that the homeowners had already gutted the kitchen down to the studs.   It was clear this project was going to move fast and budget was going to need to stay low. In order to help with the budget, the homeowners did a few of the projects, themselves to include the demo and installing the new hardwood flooring.

One of the goals of this kitchen remodel was to make the kitchen more functional and to keep the kitchen looking as though it was original to when the house was built. To start we removed a load bearing wall to enlarge the small kitchen space. With a new beam installed in the ceiling the kitchen was able to expand into the adjoining room.

The once small and narrow sitting space was replaced with a corner bench seat to allow a fun seating area for the homeowners two young children. The single sink cabinet and window were removed from the exterior wall allowing for a place for the stove. The new peninsula houses the new sink and with a raised seating bar, this provides additional seating areas in the kitchen. The refrigerator moved from the bearing wall we removed and found new home against the side wall the previously was not being used. The new refrigerator was flanked by two large pantry units adding tremendous amounts of storage space to the small kitchen. A small pantry was also enlarged in order to provide further storage space for the small kitchen.

To keep with the clean and open appearance of the new white shaker cabinets, the homeowners decided they wanted to keep with the white theme of the new cabinets and use a sleek marble countertop and white subway tiles for a backsplash.

With the new home kitchen update now complete, this young family now has room for everyone to enjoy the kitchen together.


  1. Hi, I saw your sign in a yard down the street from a house we are in the process of buying. I wanted to see if I could speak to your team about a kitchen update.

    Footprint would be similar, knock out two small walls (not load bearing) and take out drop ceiling (re-dry wall), replace all cabinets, counters, floors, sink, etc.

    • Jamie,

      We would love to talk with you about your kitchen remodel! Our office will be in touch to follow up.

      Thank you for the interest!

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