Our sales and design teams recently headed to the Portland, OR area to visit the magnificent Street of Dreams. Each year, the Home Builders Association of Metro Portland hosts this inspired event, which showcases the latest in residential construction. This year’s Street of Dreams highlighted five homes ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet on a scenic vineyard development—and they did not disappoint!


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Carrie, Sharon, George, Troy, Taryn, Rick, Stacy and Heather

Our teams loved strolling through each of the homes, not only enjoying the work of other builders in the Pacific Northwest, but also taking note of the industry trends showing up on the Street of Dreams. Here are some that grabbed our attention:

Each home boasted more than one area space for laundry. One washer and dryer was in the laundry room, as is customary, but every home had a second set in the master suite. Aside from the obvious added convenience, this setup increases access to the laundry room for guests staying for an extended period who may want to wash their clothes.

Our team also noticed a shift in how tile is used in the home. More simple backsplash designs, such as subway tile rather than mosaics, were used in the kitchens. Similarly, in showers and bathrooms, no feature or mosaic strips were used, and several bathrooms included mixed tiles (one wall is a smooth tile, while another wall is stacked stone, for example). The simplicity spoke volumes—we were amazed by the sleek and stunning look of these clean designs.

In the bathrooms, we saw a lot of natural stones, as well as pendants, rather than sconces, on either side of the vanity mirrors. Bi-pass exposed roller track glass shower doors were the most popular—eliminating the swinging door is a great space-saver.

The designers noticed an abundance of reclaimed barn wood being used for walls, accent pieces, artwork, and bed headboards. This creates a rustic look that can suit several design styles. Exposed wood and iron beams proved to be incredibly popular, as well.

We saw gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the main living areas, which opened up the space and contributed to the rich design. Large, wide opening doors and windows contributed to the theme of open floor plans that was so evident throughout each home. The final trend that could not be ignored is that of wine rooms. Each home had a beautiful and useful place designated for storing wine—a must-have in this vineyard community!

Functionality, convenience, simplicity, and luxury all have their place in these breath-taking homes. It was a dreamy day for our teams on the Street of Dreams!

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by Sarah Franklin