Renewal designer, Stacy Becker, is our guest blogger this month! See what she has to say about colored trim – a classic, yet trendy detail for your home:

The stone industry has been known to joke that the designers of the world are quickly depleting the stock of white Carrera marble. And cabinet and casework builders are selling more white kitchens than ever before. White walls, white kitchens, white tile…it’s all WHITE!

As builders and designers, we often get asked, “Is it too white?” “Will this style endure?” “Will it be too boring?” “Will it be too bright?!” Our mission is to help our clients by answering all of these questions and more, and help them make confident decisions that will lead to beautifully designed spaces.

Look…we love white, but a space that is TOO white can be boring and flat. It’s all about the details.  Details can help balance the brightness, give depth to an otherwise “flat” room, and can prevent your space from looking sterile and cold. We’re talking about painted trim today because we feel it’s a great way to add detail to your white spaces, while adding character that will create interest and enduring style.

Light grey painted trim is a classic look. It’s subtle, not overt; and we love it! It’s a great way to highlight your trim details and line the perimeter of a room. Plus, it’s a neutral. Grey trim can vary widely from modern spaces to more traditional, and can easily be used throughout the entire home. Are you a fan of the modern farmhouse look that’s so popular these days?  This trim color is for you.

Pale robin’s egg blue is the color to select if you appreciate details with a soft appeal. This color is great for special rooms – think a master suite or powder room. The mid-tone contrast with white walls provides a soft, elegant statement that gets noticed and admired.

Black trim is not for the faint of heart. But the reactions you’ll get will be worth it! Don’t expect your grandmother to love it, but your fashion-forward friends will. It’s dramatic. It’s daring.  It’s bold. Add the biggest punch with glossy black accents that surround your doors and windows.

These windows trimmed in navy are a standalone feature of this home and they pull major weight in the kitchen nook.  The heftiness of the trim and the contrast of the color create a desire to sit here.

Let us know how you feel about painted trim during your design meetings with us, and together we’ll select the perfect shade that will highlight your walls, flooring, and surrounding design.

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by Stacy Becker