At Renewal Remodels & Additions, we have found that remaining at the forefront of design trends means we get to meet and champion several industry experts. We recently sent one of our designers down to the Atlanta, Georgia area—the home of MTI Baths.

MTI custom builds quality acrylic, engineered stone, and wood bath products. With over 100 models, MTI has the whirlpool, sink, or shower base to perfectly enhance your space. MTI is employee owned and completely made in the USA. Although every piece is custom, made-to-order, they can get it out their door in 5-10 business days!

Woodward House

While in Georgia, our designer stayed at the MTI Woodward Mill House. It’s known as “The house that MTI built”, showcasing their innovative designs and inviting guests to be inspired and rejuvenated in the luxury of this gorgeous 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home. Here, our designer had the opportunity to try some MTI products out firsthand, and now we’re only more certain of our approval of MTI.

Bathtub Technology

MTI is widely known for their whirlpool technology. In fact, they have a patent on their cleaning technology, which keeps the plumbing fresh and hygienic. This built-in technology gives customers one less thing to worry about; now we have more time to focus on what type of hydrotherapy we’d like included in our custom-built tub!

Not only did we find the tubs to be functional for a number of different customers, no matter their age, physical needs, or room dimensions, but they are gorgeous works of art, as well. From acrylic to Engineered Solid Stone tubs, MTI can create the style of tub you want with the technology to fit your needs.

Spa Showers

Another exciting offering through MTI is the alternative tile floor in showers. If you’re looking for a different surface on your shower’s floor, MTI builds shower bases in three different product lines, which are attractive, easy to clean, and come in varying threshold heights. Or, if you’re looking to create a spa-like environment in your shower, try a teak shower base, adding warmth and comfort to your bathroom.

Renewal Remodels & Additions is committed to finding the best products for you to include in your new home or remodel. After using these products, we cannot recommend MTI enough for your tub, sink, and shower needs.


Categories: Design
by Sarah Franklin