5 Ways To Make Your Laundry Room As Fresh As Your Laundry Itself

     Love it or hate it, laundry is a big part of our lives (and let’s be honest, unless you are Monica Geller, you probably don’t love it). This is true for all of us, but if you are a mom with young kids or kids in sports you’ve come to know a whole new level of laundry fatigue. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like it literally grows out of the kid’s bedroom floor? Ever find yourself thinking, “Hey kid, how many shirts do you need to wear in one day”?
With laundry being such a large part of our lives, we think the room that hosts this lovely chore is in desperate need of some TLC. Laundry room design has come a long way in recent years.

We’ve chosen 5 fun laundry room design trends that will make even doing the laundry seem like more of an escape than a chore.


The first tip is to choose a color palette that will inspire you! Maybe that is a fresh, airy palette with a calming and peaceful feel or a bright bold or patterned palette that shouts “let’s do this thing!” or somewhere in between. Choosing your colors will quite literally set the tone in the space. Choose colors that you love so that you will enjoy being in the room. And don’t be afraid of pattern, whether that is tile, wallpaper or even a fun mural. The idea is to love the look and feel of the room.


This fits right in with your color palette and can even work as a great statement in the room. There are so many amazing flooring options on the market now that fit any style or budget! From vinal to hardwood, concrete to tile, you are sure to find something that makes your laundry room just as beautiful as it is functional! One of the big trends we are loving is patterned or uniquely shaped tile. This option makes a wonderful design statement while being easy to clean and maintain.
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Beautiful countertops are a must! We love counters that fit over your washer and dryer to make the best use of the space and serve as the perfect place to sort, fold or get those pesky grass stains out of your kid’s football uniform. Having space to spread out the work and add some fun decor pieces is a great way to make a room more appealing.

Have laundry that needs to be hand washed or pre-rinsed? Instead of tracking wet clothes through the house from the bathroom or kitchen sink, just add a sink into your laundry room! This is a very popular element in laundry room design right now, especially if the space doubles as your mudroom.
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One more functional workspace element we love is adding a built-in ironing board or drying rack that is easily hidden or retracted to the wall or cabinets when unused. This is such a space saver and a wonderfully practical idea.


Along with counter space, storage space is a must! Adding beautiful cabinets not only elevates the beauty of the room, but it also elevates the practicality of the room. Adding special cabinet space designed specifically for laundry bins and laundry products is a great way to make the most of your space!


If you have pets, the laundry room is the perfect room to create a space to pamper them. We are seeing a trend of adding built-in feeding stations, kennels, and even dog baths! What a perfect way to spoil your furry friends!

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Whatever design elements you choose to put into your laundry room, make sure they make life easier and create an environment that inspires and motivates you!

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