2018 Design Trends: Seek The Unique and Provoke with Patterns

How long has it been since you updated your home? Renewal can bring you up to speed with the hottest home trends. We have compiled a list of a few of 2018’s upcoming style trends for the home.

Painted Cabinets

Pigmented cabinets equipped with brass hardware are also making a splash in 2018!

Modern Eclectic Home | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Bright, bold painted cabinets like this emerald green vanity are given a twist of elegance when brass knobs and pulls are added.

Bold Color | Domino

Likewise, this navy Butler’s Pantry addition not only provides extra counter space, it also adds eye-catching flare to an otherwise neutral room.

Butler’s Pantry | House Beautiful


Matte Black Fixtures

We’re going back to black with this next trend. Similar to the ‘little black dress’, the crisp, sleek finish of matte black fixtures offers a dramatic look in kitchens and bathrooms.

 Kitchen | Coco Kelley

Not only are these fixtures more practical because they don’t reveal all the fingerprints and grime that lighter metals can, but it fits with traditional, modern, and every style in between.



For the past several years, minimalism has been the dominant trend, but the days of “less is more” may be nearing an end. Taking its place – Maximalism! Think vibrant hues and wild wallpaper instead of shades of white and grey. Maximalist design has no fear of eclectic combinations, mixing vibrant colors, competing styles, and layering patterns. Bright cabinets and differing tile patterns create a sense of “organized chaos” that allows one to play with prints and colors to showcase personality and different tastes in one space.

Butler Pantry | Eric Ross Interiors

While white space and breathing room is the code of the modern minimalist, maximalism calls for you to saturate your space with color and flare. Can’t choose between your favorite patterns? Choose them all! Mixing different scales can create a sense of coziness and harmony throughout the room.

Aegus Interior Designs | Houzz

We can help you update your home with the latest trends! Talk with one of our interior designers or call to schedule a free in-home consultation with our award-winning team.