It's no secret that being outside is good for body and soul. The air is fresh, the sky is clear... who are we kidding, this is the Pacific Northwest, the sky is most likely grey. But it's invigorating nonetheless and scientists and doctors alike tell us the amazing benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. And the outdoors really is great around here! Nature is also an amazing source of peace and creative inspiration. Unfortunately, the reality is that our fast-paced lives usually keep us indoor more than we would like (and maybe more than is good for us).

Thankfully, it is possible to bring a little bit of the outdoors home, while adding color and classic décor to your house. I think the best way to do this is through houseplants! There are so many benefits to having houseplants. They clean the air, help prevent you from getting sick, are natural air fresheners and humidifiers, and can even improve mental health! This is all beside the point that they are a chic and dare I say, inexpensive, way to decorate your home.

Ok, I know half of you are thinking "but I don't have a green thumb, I could never keep a plant alive..." I used to think this myself until I was gifted a Peace Lily and realized how easy most plants actually are to keep alive. Now, 11 years later, my house is full of lovely plants (including that same Peace Lily) that bring great health benefits to my family and so much joy to my creative, nature-loving heart!

Just go for it!

Most plants are so forgiving and tell you when they need water (drooping, soft or discolored leaves). And if you buy from your local nursery, they are sure to have some experts who can advise you on what ones like shade, which ones prefer sun and how much water they need. Don’t worry if you forget or have more questions, just search Pinterest (I credit the health of most of my plants to Pinterest).

So now that you are convinced, here is a list of my favorite houseplants. Don't worry they are all great beginner plants!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Not only is the Fiddle Leaf lovely, but it can also grow to be quite large which can make a big statement in a room (and provide a bit more heath promoting power).

Rubber Tree

These can be found in both dark green and pastel green shades, which make them fun for decorating!

Snake Plant

This plant is almost indestructible and it’s tall leaves make a bold statement.

Split Leaf Philodendron

Besides the Fig Tree, this might be the most popular plant on Pinterest and for good reason! These are so beautiful and they grow fast and are easy to care for. This is my personal favorite at home!

Peace Lily

These plants are lovely and full. They occasionally produce white flowers and always live up to their name.

The best way to pick out plants is to know ahead of time where you would like to put them in your home. Assess how much light is available there and then visit your local nursery to find your favorites! And above all, have fun! Plants are supposed to make you happy after all!

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