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Here at Renewal Remodels & Additions, we understand the severity of the coronavirus situation at hand and the effort our clients are putting into stopping the spread of this disease. As such, we want to make sure we are matching that commitment level and taking all necessary steps to do our part in reducing the impact of the novel coronavirus.

Now Offering Phone and Zoom Video Meetings

We can continue work without needing to meet with you face to face, or enter your home. Although you will receive the same high-quality customer service and results that you've come to expect from Renewal Remodels & Additions, some processes will look different during this time of uncertainty.

We can discuss your remodeling project over the phone and Zoom video conferences to get a lot of the leg work of the estimating process completed virtually. When it comes time for in-person critical measurements, we’ll arrange an appointment to come to your home where our team will be practicing social distancing guidelines including  wearing facemasks, utilizing hand sanitation best practices, and more.

Please call us at (425) 503-2388 (Mercer Island) or (253) 682-1990 (Puyallup) with any questions at all.

5 Ways To Make Your Laundry Room As Fresh As Your Laundry Itself

     Love it or hate it, laundry is a big part of our lives (and let's be honest, unless you are Monica Geller, you probably don't love it). This is true for all of us, but if you are a mom with young kids or kids in sports you've come to know a whole new level of laundry fatigue. Doesn't it sometimes feel like it literally grows out of the kid's bedroom floor? Ever find yourself thinking, "Hey kid, how many shirts do you need to wear in one day"?
With laundry being such a large part of our lives, we think the room that hosts this lovely chore is in desperate need of some TLC. Laundry room design has come a long way in recent years.

We've chosen 5 fun laundry room design trends that will make even doing the laundry seem like more of an escape than a chore.


The first tip is to choose a color palette that will inspire you! Maybe that is a fresh, airy palette with a calming and peaceful feel or a bright bold or patterned palette that shouts "let's do this thing!" or somewhere in between. Choosing your colors will quite literally set the tone in the space. Choose colors that you love so that you will enjoy being in the room. And don't be afraid of pattern, whether that is tile, wallpaper or even a fun mural. The idea is to love the look and feel of the room.


This fits right in with your color palette and can even work as a great statement in the room. There are so many amazing flooring options on the market now that fit any style or budget! From vinal to hardwood, concrete to tile, you are sure to find something that makes your laundry room just as beautiful as it is functional! One of the big trends we are loving is patterned or uniquely shaped tile. This option makes a wonderful design statement while being easy to clean and maintain.
Photo from Houzz


Beautiful countertops are a must! We love counters that fit over your washer and dryer to make the best use of the space and serve as the perfect place to sort, fold or get those pesky grass stains out of your kid's football uniform. Having space to spread out the work and add some fun decor pieces is a great way to make a room more appealing.

Have laundry that needs to be hand washed or pre-rinsed? Instead of tracking wet clothes through the house from the bathroom or kitchen sink, just add a sink into your laundry room! This is a very popular element in laundry room design right now, especially if the space doubles as your mudroom.
Photo from Houzz
One more functional workspace element we love is adding a built-in ironing board or drying rack that is easily hidden or retracted to the wall or cabinets when unused. This is such a space saver and a wonderfully practical idea.


Along with counter space, storage space is a must! Adding beautiful cabinets not only elevates the beauty of the room, but it also elevates the practicality of the room. Adding special cabinet space designed specifically for laundry bins and laundry products is a great way to make the most of your space!


If you have pets, the laundry room is the perfect room to create a space to pamper them. We are seeing a trend of adding built-in feeding stations, kennels, and even dog baths! What a perfect way to spoil your furry friends!

Photo from Houzz
Whatever design elements you choose to put into your laundry room, make sure they make life easier and create an environment that inspires and motivates you!

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Common DIY Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We were recently featured in an article by Redfin!

You can read the article below or check it out on the Redfin blog here.

Are you considering attempting a “do it yourself” project for your home? Professionals are in high demand for these types of projects because often time’s homeowners get in over their head, or forget important steps before or during DIY remodeling projects. Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen, or maybe knock walls down to create more space but don’t know where to start? We asked experts from New York to California to name the most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting DIY projects, and how to avoid them.

Jason Lambert, NARI: Pay attention to building codes and best practices even if you’re not pulling a permit or having the project inspected. When it comes time to sell your house, you don’t want a home inspector to raise questions about your work that could derail your sale, or worse, require after-the-fact permits/demolition. It should go without saying that if you need a permit for the work, pull one, even if you’re doing the work yourself.


HDR Remodeling: Underestimating the time it takes to complete a project, which often results in headaches, rushed work that produces less than optimal outcomes, dealing with unforeseen issues, and costly last-minute appeals to a professional to make it right. When estimating a DIY project, get a time reference from an experienced professional and allow yourself twice the allotted time. For example, if it takes an expert two days to tile a kitchen backsplash, allocate four days to complete the project yourself; your stress level and your budget will feel the difference.


Jim Kabel, Next Stage Design: Avoid biting off more than you can chew. There’s a reason why maintenance experts like design/build firms, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and electricians are in such high demand — what they do requires an incredibly specialized skillset that likely taken years of education and training to attain. Attempting these as a homeowner (without the proper training) may seem like a way to save money in the short run, but in the big picture, it could cost you even more money and most importantly, your personal safety. If you have any doubts about whether you can handle something, it’s best to give your local home remodeling company or maintenance specialist a call.


Patch of Land: Understand the permits involved. Often local city ordinances require a building permit before work can be started. The best way to know whether you need a building permit is to contact your local building department to determine whether or not you need a permit. The process of obtaining a building permit can be annoying and expensive, but remember that building codes are enforced to safeguard life, health, and public welfare. Rehabbing with a building permit helps protect your investment, future families, and your community. Not to mention it’s the law!


Top Contractors: Hiring unlicensed contractors (friends) who can “save you a lot of money.” Hiring unlicensed contractors to save money, usually ends up costing the homeowners more overall. This commonly happens because the projects are either not fully completed, or homeowners are unhappy with the final results. Resulting in the homeowners having to hire a licensed contractor to come and fix or replace the work previously completed.


Palm Beach Premier Remodeling: Having the mindset of “anyone can do it” but there is a way a professional tradesman can do it so that it will last a lifetime.  And at the end of the day, what makes a project complete is ALL in the details!


Renewal Construction: Where there is a bathroom there is water and if that water makes its way below tile flooring and showers, it can cause a lot of damage (and cost a lot of extra money)! Consider hiring a professional tile installer to be sure that the subsurface, tile, and grout are correctly installed in order to protect your bathroom from water damage down the road. If hiring a professional is out of the question, take the time to research subsurfaces and grout (we recommend epoxy-based grout for shower pans and silicone-based grout for the walls) to be sure that you are able to install a quality tile surface that will last.


LetsBuild: Going cheap on the materials. Trying to keep your budget under control during a DIY project is understandable. However, you don’t want to be stingy when it comes to the materials you are planning to use. Make sure that you prioritize quality otherwise you will end up paying twice as much for maintenance in the long run.


Drafting Cafe Architects: To avoid hefty change orders during construction, homeowners should select their finish materials before requesting bids from contractors. Cabinet, flooring, and tile costs can vary greatly and many architects don’t specify those materials in their drawings. If a contractor is left to make assumptions, they could underbid (or overbid) and make it hard for the homeowner to compare bids or prepare themselves financially.


Kevin Knobles, KMK Contracting: “Jack of all, master of none.” Very few homeowners have the necessary skills to handle all of the different components of a remodel correctly so that the finished product is one your family and friends will be jealous of. However, some homeowners have some very useful skills that can and should be put to work. Know your boundaries and stick to them and get the help of professionals where you lack the skills or experience. That way you can still be part of the project but not end up with something that you regret in the long run.


Leo Lantz, Leo Lantz Construction: The project’s timelines to complete is grossly underestimated. My Dad always said, “Son, you can’t beat a man at his trade.” Well, if you don’t do it all the time, you can’t be as fast as he is…


Novel Remodeling: Not measuring properly. Let’s assume you are replacing a few windows in your home. As a licensed general contractor, we measure the windows from opening to opening. Often times homeowners that are DIY and just want windows because they believe they can replace them themselves. Many times they measure incorrectly and then have huge delays when windows arrive and do not fit in the opening.

Building Advisor: Poor space planning. This can be clashing doors, uneven floor transitions, or inadequate clearances in kitchens and baths. Take the time to plan your project with accurate scale drawings, models, or full-size mock-ups. Problems are easy to fix now, but nearly impossible after the fact.


Tim Anderson Architect: Remodeling becomes remuddling when the original character and integrity of a house are lost in the renovation process. This happens when changes are inappropriate for the period and style. Misguided improvements confuse and diminish character, as will additions that overwhelm the original scale and features of the house.


Pathway Design and Construction: Planning ahead and making sure all materials and products have been selected, purchased, and double-checked for size, style, or content before the project begins. Time, frustration, and waste are minimized when you can get all of your supplies in (and make sure they are correct) before you start. You may run the risk of not getting enough of a product and it no longer being available when you’re only halfway through and discover you’re short.


Blue Diamond Remodeling: Thinking how easy the project is due to seeing it on TV, they don’t show the difficulties on TV with the jobs, they show it to be smooth and easy. When homeowners have failed with the DYI project they end up calling professionals for help.


Originally Published on Redfin

Surface Spotlight: Precious Stone Slabs

With so many different types of materials available for your surfaces, how do you choose? With everything from marble, quartz, or granite to more unique materials such as concrete and butcherblock, there is something for every style and budget on the market.

Today we want to talk about a high-end material that is making a big splash in the design world... Precious Stone Slabs. These slabs are custom designed with precious stones such as quartz, amethyst, and agate. These materials that used to appear mostly in jewelry can now be used on counters, backsplashes, showers, accent walls and more!


There is a lot that goes into the making of a precious stone slab. The stones have to be individually cut, hand assembled and glued together with a special kind of resin. This ensures that each slab is not only unique but is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Oh, did we mention that many varieties of precious stone slabs can be backlit? That's right, backlit! So not only do you have a beautiful work of art on your counter or backsplash, but it is also perfectly lit to display every facet of each beautiful stone in the slab.

Here's the best part... it's super durable and easy to clean! Unlike many surface materials, it doesn't require any sealants or waxes to maintain. These surfaces are truly artistic in nature, low maintenance and long-lasting. But here's the catch, they aren't cheap. They are a high-end surface with a high-end price tag. But with their unique beauty, original design, and practical use, it is well worth putting a bit more of your budget towards!


We are currently working on a project with one of the beautiful slabs and we are so excited to share it with you when it is all finished. But for now, here is a photo of the slab itself! Isn't it beautiful?

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Q&A With a Renewal Homeowner

Tell us a little bit about your home:

"It was built in the 70s I think '74. The original owner owned a lumber yard which is why there is so much wood! And also why everything seems to be really well built.  

We bought the home 2.5 years ago, it was in poor condition. The exterior was mint green with a turquoise roof. There was a chain-link fence around the property and a green bathtub in the yard!  

The interior was also in need of some love. There was no functioning plumbing upstairs and the overall home was quite run down... no doors on any of the closets (weird), and not a single matching door handle in the whole house!  

The previous owner was a single guy who purchased the house when he was 19 or 20 and lived here for 3 or 4 years. He was a fairly famous Youtuber & live-streamed his life playing video games from the house. 

We could tell the house had good bones but honestly, I thought it was too big of a project to take on. My husband was the one with the vision. There were a few houses we were considering & ultimately he got me on board by asking which one I was the most excited to DECORATE?!?! Decorating is my passion and the idea of transforming this house was super exciting for me.  

The house has these grey washed wood walls throughout. I really loved those walls and thought it would be fun to try to build around those - keeping some of the 70s vibe and lumber yard history of the house but bringing it more into the modern-day. 

Before Renewal we did quite a few other projects inside & out - mostly ourselves via sweat equity, haha! We hired out the construction to remodel the 3 bathrooms and had the house re-plumbed. (Our bathroom remodel was a total disaster & made me appreciate how great a job Renewal does even more)."

What was your vision for your home remodel?

"We wanted to transform the 2 largest spaces where we spent the most time - kitchen and living room. We knew we couldn't do that ourselves so we were excited to work with Renewal on it!

For the kitchen, I wanted more counter space so my kids could spread out after school to do homework, have snacks, do crafts, etc. while we could still cook dinner, pack lunches at the same time. We also wanted to take better advantage of the pretty lake view and configure the eating space to have a view of the lake while still keeping it informal - which I think we achieved by changing the layout of the island.  

For the living area, we wanted to bring it out of the 70s by updating the old stone fireplace. I also wanted to integrate the cabinets into the fireplace (1 focal point vs. 2) and make the cabinets functional (the old cabinet was a pull-out unit full of plastic CD racks that had been turned into a makeshift wine cabinet... again, weird ). Even though I knew it had to go I was a bit sad to lose the coziness of the old stone on the fireplace so I wanted a more rustic mantle to warm up the room.

We also updated the front doors and glass to let more light in!"

What was your experience working with Renewal?

"Really really excellent! The project was managed very professionally and there was excellent communication throughout. Having done lots of renovation projects over the years I can definitely say this was, by far, our best experience.  

Also, everyone we interacted with was so kind - it feels like they have a family dynamic within their office that really comes through. They are all really nice and respectful of one another and their clients. During the initial stages of the project, my husband's father passed away and they sent flowers - wow!"

How would you define your personal style?

"I would say I'm probably a bit of an "over-decorator". I love playing around with all sorts of colors, textures, and patterns. What I love the most is mixing unique and personal elements into our home and creating little vignettes to give the space some personality & make it feel special for our family. Overall I think my style is contemporary casual (is that a style??!?). And maybe a touch on the eclectic side.  

For the remodel I knew that I'd want to add color and tons of accessories after, so I tried to keep the big elements more neutral and toned-down so that they would be easy to mix."

What is your favorite feature of your home?

"I think it's the kitchen fireplace! Which was a late addition to the plan, I think pulls the space together so well - and kicks some amazing heat that makes hanging out around the new kitchen island super cozy."

How has the remodel allowed the house to feel more like a home for your family?

"The remodel transformed the places where we spend the majority of our time as a family. I love watching movies in the living room now and staring up at the beautiful fireplace focal point that surrounds the movie. The kitchen feels completely transformed, and has become the "heart" of the home - as a kitchen should be! We spend so much time in there now - baking, eating, doing homework, making crafts - the extra island space made such a difference!"

 Any advice for other homeowners considering a remodel?

"I would say go for it!" 

A special thank you to Melissa F. and her family for taking the time to share their experience with us! And for allowing us to help them on their journey to creating their dream home!

We would love to work with you on your next project!

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Rising From Ashes

This was a unique and special project for our team. The home was almost completely destroyed by a devastating fire. Thankfully the family was not harmed although they lost so much. We feel so honored that they chose us to help them rebuild. Since so much of the home was destroyed and needed rebuilding, we were able to reimagine the layout. This resulted in everything from exterior to interior being touched up or replaced entirely. The homeowners wanted to create a modern and classic feel in the home.

As the center of any home, the kitchen design was the central element of the remodel. The new kitchen design focused on creating an open floor plan with spacious work areas along with state of the art appliances and material selections. We carried this openness along with the blend of classic and modern throughout the home. Overall this was not only a remodel, but a rewarding process of renewing a home that had been so badly damaged by fire.



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Renewal Gives Back

One of our greatest joys as a company is when we have the opportunity to give back to our community. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing, and we want to reach out and be a helping hand to those in need. This year we partnered with Need-A-Break for their Good Neighbor Day.


Need-A-Break Services is a nonprofit, faith-based foundation that is devoted to helping people succeed through meeting needs in our community and motivating others to serve their neighbors. You can learn more about them and how you can help at www.needabreak.org.

It was such a joy to reach out and help a family, doing exactly what we do best… construction! The family’s home was falling into disrepair, and our employees worked so hard to make sure that they were well taken care of. We even brought our families out to help (including a few of George’s grandkids)! We redid the siding on 2 sides of the home, painted and fixed the deck.

Serving is one of our core values here at renewal and something that we are so passionate about. We know that when we give back, we are so blessed by the experience. We encourage you to team up with a local charity in the community and start giving back! We know that you will gain even more than you give in the process!

We are very excited about our upcoming trip to Mexico with Homes of Hope! We will be partnering with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to build a house for a family in need.

To learn more about this project click here

To get involved with a financial donation, click here

If you choose to donate, be sure to mention Renewal Remodels & Additions March 2020.

We can’t wait to use our gifts to help a family in need!