Kitchen Island Storage

Stylishly Functional: Three Reasons to Add a Kitchen Island

We all know, no matter what, everyone inevitably gathers in the kitchen – that’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home. Why not make the space more functional and spacious for you and those around you?

Kitchen islands can serve many purposes and increase the usability of your space. Best of all, they look great doing it!

Below are just a few of the many reasons to consider adding an island to make the heart of your home more comfortable. We hope these kitchen island ideas can spark inspiration in your next kitchen remodeling project.

1. Create a Casual Seating and Gathering Place

It’s nice to have company while you cook, but it can get crowded when people are lingering. The addition of barstools or raised chairs at your kitchen island creates a comfortable space for people to gather, talk, eat, and relax, while keeping them away for your workstation.

Tuck-a-way seating on the island is perfect to create an informal dining area, a homework station, or a place for people to relax and interact with you while you’re in the kitchen.

2. Perfect for Additional Storage and Amenities

The addition of an island can add customizable storage space for extra appliances or dishes. More importantly, it can help you better organize your kitchen and keep your countertops clean and tidy.

It is also perfect for additional amenities you might have always wanted, but never had room for. These amenities can include a wine fridge, refrigerated beverage drawer, or warming drawer for food.

Creating space

Adding custom storage drawers makes this kitchen island idea great for chefs to be more efficient and productive. It expands counter space to work on while providing storage opportunities.

3. Get Some Prep and Cooking Space

One of the most common reasons people choose to add an island is that it creates more surface space for them to cook and prep on. This can be highly valuable, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

A generous kitchen island is ideal for entertaining (especially during the holidays) as it provides extra workspace for food prep, room to serve appetizers, and extra seating for guests.

Kitchen islands don’t just have to be for prep or eating. In this kitchen island idea, add a range hood over your stove and your island becomes the main hub of cooking and entertaining!

Whatever functionality you’re cooking for, our award-winning team is ready to custom-create the perfect kitchen island to fit your needs and provide you with lasting results that you’ll love for years to come.

We can help you get your dream kitchen! Let’s start cooking.

Refined Rustic Dining Room

Delightful Dining Space | Designs for Non-Traditional Dining Rooms

Like the kitchen, the dining room is an essential gathering place for any home. When family and friends join together to share food and make memories, the dining table stands at the center of it all. Make sure your space is as inviting, comfortable, and functional as possible so you can relax and enjoy a great meal. Take a peek at our designs below and get inspired for your own space.

Contemporary Minimalist

Not only is this space light and airy, but also clean and sophisticated. Pairing sleek furniture with a neutral palette gives the space a ‘less is more’ vibe and the subtle addition of green and statement pendant lights makes this the perfect minimalists setting.

Contemporary Minimalist DiningContemporary Minimalist Dining | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Rustic Warmth

Create a dining space that is inviting and full of charm by pairing natural finishes with neutral tones and textures. Exposed beams add a raw, yet elegant structural aesthetic while dark floors and tables add a dash of wooden warmth.

Rustic Warmth Dining SpaceRustic Warmth Dining | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Mod Visionary

Mod Visionary style is all about keeping to clean lines and mixing in mid-century forms. Once you establish a clean foundation, add tapered legs, geometric prints, and organic shapes. This combo creates a room that feels balanced and modern, but does not sacrifice comfort.

Mod Visionary Dining RoomMod Visionary Dining | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Open Concept Contemporary

Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous dining area. A round table is the perfect option for a home designed without a designated dining room as it allows for an intimate dining space without disrupting the flow of an open floor plan.

Open Concept Contemporary Dining RoomOpen Concept Contemporary | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Refined Rustic

A welcoming palette of taupe and grey steers this dining space in a relaxed direction. Refined pieces with vintage touches serve up a warm and timeless look with a touch of rustic elegance. Rectangle tables are the go-to shape as they fit easily in a room and look great!

Refined Rustic Dining RoomRefined Rustic Dining Space | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Are you ready to start your dining room design? Schedule an appointment with our team for your free in-home consultation? We would love to help you transform your space into the dining area you’ve always wanted!

Freestanding Tub in Marble Bathroom

Refresh Your Bathroom | Pamper Yourself with an In-Home Retreat

Refresh your bathroom! Who doesn’t like the idea of coming home to retreat in your own in-home spa after a long day? Little luxuries are no longer reserved for spa days or vacations, and bathrooms are no longer considered just a utilitarian space. Pamper yourself and create a home bathroom that offers an escape from your busy life.

In-Home Spa
Puyallup Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Neutral Palette

White-on-white isn’t for everyone – but you have to agree, the results can be stunning! To keep an all-white bathroom from falling flat, incorporate various textures like tiles, drapes, and finishes to bring out the monochromatic white. Get the ‘luxe look’ with a hint of glamour. Glitzy finishes, like a chandelier, can stand out against a white or neutral palette.

Monochromatic White BathroomClyde Hill Bathroom | Renewal Remodels & Additions

White walls mixed with black plumbing and fixtures create the perfect contrast for an elegant feel.

White Walls with Black PlumbingKirkland Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Open Showers

Open showers appear to visually increase the size of your bathroom, while also giving YOU more space to bathe. While some may find this design has a lack of privacy, others enjoy the accessible openness and increased shower space.

Open Shower Design
Seattle Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Marble Statements

Whether it’s on the walls, floors, or countertops, marble creates a modern as sleek and allows you to splash freely! Marble’s natural translucent properties play with light and give your room a ‘glow’ when the sun hits it just right. Add a polished, silky smooth vibe that creates a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Marble BathroomBonny Lake Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Return of the Tub

Freestanding tubs are making a comeback! Just because you live with a smaller bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.

Freestanding Bathtub
University Place Bathroom | Renewal Remodels & Additions

From classic claw foot to technologically advanced water saving options, there are plenty of bathtubs that for petit spaces or larger master bathrooms.

Freestanding Tub in Marble BathroomBonny Lake Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Ready to transform your bathroom this year? Schedule an appointment with our team for a free in-home consultation. Trends come and go, but quality material and smart design never go out of style! Let us help you make your bathroom dream come to life so you can experience ultimate relaxation.

Indoor Comfort and the Great Outdoors

Everyone knows that fresh air and natural light are good for your body and your mind, but if you’re like most people, you spend about 90% of your days indoors. Hectic schedules can make it difficult to venture outdoors, SO, why not bring the outdoors in by adding a NanaWall or outdoor living room addition!

Indian Springs Remodel | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Blur the line between indoor and outdoor living with these folding or sliding glass panels. They are the perfect solution for creating more space and dissolving barriers.

NanaWalls allow the natural light to flood into your space and create a seamless integration with the outdoors. Interior and exterior NanaWalls achieve a flexible open-concept plan, allowing you to section off and join spaces with ease.

NanaWalls | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Spring and summer may feel like a long way off, but now is the perfect time to remodel or build an outdoor addition so you can enjoy all of the warm weather!

Gig Harbor Outdoor Living | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Adding an outdoor space to your home is not only functional, but it is a great place to entertain, relax, and decompress. Rather than sitting inside breathing stale air, ‘move outside’ and enjoy all the outdoor fun!

Outdoor Oasis | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Don’t spend all summer wishing you could open up your space, increase your entertainment and relaxation square footage, or missing your indoor comfort while you try to enjoy the fresh air – give us a call to schedule a free in-home consultation and let us help you upgrade your space, customized just for you!

Home Design Trends for 2019 | Make A Statement

2018 was a year filled with marble, ship-lap, Edison bulbs and rose gold, but with a new year comes new styles and decorating trends. Learn a more about the movement of styles this year!

Natural Trends

In 2019, designs are moving towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, brass, and concrete. These elements help bring a serene, earthy ambiance and add a natural vibe to your urban indoor abode.

Natural Elements | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Move over rose gold - it's brass and copper's time to shine! Their reddish/orange tones and overall earthy hue offer a warm and subtle alternative to steel and are great accents to use for fixtures, lights, and decor items.

Copper Accents | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Minimalist Trends

Less is more: as the minimalist movement rises, the desire to have spaces appear as clean as possible is gaining momentum. For the kitchen, a great way to achieve an openness vibe to eliminate upper cabinets and have open shelving. If you're building or remodeling, getting rid of upper cabinets works beautifully by adding a galley-style or true butlers pantry. Not only is it perfect for storage, but you can use it to stage drinks and appetizers as well!

Open Shelving | Renewal Remodels & Additions


Butler's Pantry | Renewal Remodels & Additions

Matte Finishes

Compared to the dramatic effect that high-shine finishes conjure, matte finishes create a silky, elegant, and relaxed contrast. Bold colors finished with a high-gloss can come across as ‘overly loud’. Instead, use a matte finish, which creates a saturated, velvety finish with rich results

University Place Project | Renewal Remodels & Additions

These trends are full speed ahead!  Whether you're renovating a room or two or your whole house, our talented team is ready to talk with you about your remodeling goals. Give us a call to schedule a free in-home consultation today!

Visiting LIXIL with Ferguson Plumbing | Emma Holmstedt

I was invited by Ferguson Plumbing to join several other interior designers in the Seattle and Portland areas to visit the LIXIL headquarters in New Jersey. LIXIL is a Japanese company that pioneers water and housing products and they own American Standards, DXV, and Grohe.

During our visit, we learned the ‘ins-and-outs’ of these brands and what makes their products stand out from their competitors. We started with American Standard by discussing the technology and methods they use for testing their toilets as well as why their products are unique. The brand is truly on the forefront of cleanliness, efficiency, technique, and ingenuity with a focus on sustainability of water use.

Product Highlights

One product highlight for me was a faucet from American Standard. Their MeasureFill Touch faucet has the ability to measure out cups of water with a dial on the side to make cooking and baking easier. This faucet also has touch capability which allows you to turn the faucet on and off with a simple touch of the dial.

American Standard applied their touch capability to a shower head. Their innovative Spectra + Touch 4-Function shower head allows you to customize your shower preferences by simply touching the edge of the shower head to switch between spray patterns. Along with their drench, massage, sensitive, and jet spray options, the shower head also helps save water with a flow rate of 1.8 gpm.

One last plumbing feature that was beyond unique was a bar-prep faucet from Grohe. This faucet has three settings from the tap – filtered water, carbonated water, and a 50/50 mix of filtered and carbonated water! It was so convenient and well designed – every bar sink should have this!

It was such a great opportunity and wonderful experience to be able to join Ferguson Plumbing and gain more in-depth knowledge about these brands and the products they create. The hope is that through furthering the education on these brands, we can speak with more knowledge and understanding as to why these products stand out from others. As a designer, I love learning about new products, features, and little ways to make life easier for my clients. LIXIL is an awesome company and I truly look forward to using and recommending their products to my clients in the future.


Street of Dreams | Wallpaper Inspiration | Ally Jackson

The annual NW Natural Street of Dreams was held in Hillsboro, Oregon this year and featured six new luxury homes created by five different designers. Members of Renewal’s Design and Sales teams go to this event every year to see these cutting edge designs and gain some inspiration.


During our Street of Dreams visit, the Private Reserve house by BC Custom Construction was one that really caught my eye. I loved the use of fun and bold wallpaper designs! The use of wallpaper is resurfacing and this home had a lot of fantastic ideas on how to incorporate wallpaper to generate an exciting and unique look in any room.

Wallpaper behind the bed added drama to the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom | BC Custom Construction

In lieu of a backsplash, the designers opted for this whimsical wallpaper design for the vanity.

Bathroom | BC Custom Construction

This kid’s room had a fun look with this dramatic wallpaper.

Children’s Room | BC Custom Construction

The Street of Dreams has a plethora of design styles that can help with anyone looking for inspiration on their next design project – that is why we LOVE attending!

Designer Spotlight | Ally Jackson

We are excited to have another Designer Spotlight week and feature our new team member, Ally Jackson! Ally received her BAA in Interior Design from Bellevue College and joined our team almost 2 months ago. She loves interior design for the creative, yet practical environment she gets to work in and she enjoys the excitement from clients when they have a space they love living in.


What three adjectives best describe your design style?

          Timeless, simple, and modern.

What is the best design advice you’ve ever received?

          Less is more. When I was early in my career, I had a hard time keeping it simple.

What is your main design aesthetic?

          Vintage modern as well as Scandinavian design.

Are there any design trends that excite you?

          I am loving the modern farmhouse trend that also mixes in vintage mid-century furnishing styles.

If you had $100 to put the finishing touches on a space, what do you do?

          Drapery – I think that it adds softness to any space.

What are your hobbies, when you’re not designing?

          I enjoy going to the gym, reading, dancing, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and trying new restaurants.

What is the least glamorous thing you do as a designer?

          Quoting. That can take up most of my time.

What color scheme are you loving right now?

          Neutrals! I am a black/white/gray/“greige” fan!

What is your favorite part of designing a customer’s home?

          The product/material selection. I love the challenge of putting patterns and textures together that the client will love.


Ally will be taking over our social media accounts this week, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some design tips and inspiration! You can follow Ally on social media (@allyfountaindesign) and check out her Houzz profile at



A Servant’s Heart | Interview with Bek De Monnin of Renewal Remodels and Additions

Giving back is important to our company and team members. In April, members of the Renewal Remodels and Additions team and their families headed down to Tijuana, Mexico. There they had the opportunity to partner with Homes of Hope to build a home in 2 days for the Silva-Sosa family. Like many of the members of the Renewal team, Bek was deeply moved by the experience and the people she met on this trip. She felt the Lord calling her to return to Mexico and with the support of the Renewal team, her church, family and friends, she returned a few weeks later. We sat down to interview Bek about her experience and how it has impacted her.

First, tell us a little bit about your first trip in April, building for the Silva-Sosa family.

This was my first time building for a family. It was fulfilling to be able to serve, love, and build a home in 2 days. I was captured by the people, the culture, and the need for these homes to be built. It required a lot of physical work and was an emotional experience.

How did this trip impact you? What about the trip touched you and made you want to return?

It opened my eyes to see that in only 2 days you could change the future for a family. It made me realize how happy they were with what little they had. I went home and asked myself ‘why do I need all of these things? What can I live without to be able to give more?’

When you decided to return, did Renewal support you?

Yes. While on our trip (with Renewal) I had so many conversations with the team. They were asking me when I would return because they could see how much life it brought to me. It was as if I had been doing it all my life. The fulfillment of serving the people of Mexico just showed. Half joking, I would ask George if he would sponsor me to move to Mexico. He said he did not want to lose me. On the bus journey home, I asked again, and he said he would give me 2 weeks. I took the opportunity and applied to go back and serve on the YWAM base.


Bek set up a GoFundMe account and with the support of Renewal, her friends, family and her church she was able to return to Mexico and serve on the YWAM base. On her return trip, she was able to work on 2 more homes, visit a homeless shelter for men, visit a rehab center for men, work on a community center, and help in the base kitchen food prepping and cleaning.

Tell us about the Sanchez Ramirez family you worked with on your second trip.

The Sanchez Ramirez family was my first 20’x 20’ home; a single Mom, Constantina, and her seven kids. The two boys are twins, Abraham and David. The girls are Rebecca, Ruth, Margarita, Yolanda, and Maria. They lived in a very small home put together with wood and a tarp, and one mattress for all of them to sleep on. The mom worked down the street at the gas station on night shifts. The oldest daughter worked at a sewing factory. The conditions were heart breaking, but the family had so much joy. Sometimes I would take a step back and watch as the family built and interacted with the team – we had made a special connection. It was a very emotional time for everyone when we dedicated the home and passed the keys to the family.

How about the Vargas Rodriguez family?

They were my second build. Their son Joel suffers from Asthma. Being able to have a clean house with a concrete foundation instead of a dirt floor will make a huge difference for his health. The whole family helped build and paint their home. The dad was such a joy to watch. He had the biggest smile on his face from the moment we arrived. Before we had even begun to build he was thanking us, through tears of happiness, for sacrificing our time to come and bless his family.

How was your experience at the different men’s shelters?

I met so many men who had heartbreaking stories. I was able to pray and encourage them and bring some joy into their lives. Most of the men at the homeless shelter were deported from the USA and had been separated from their wives and children. I talked with one guy, who came over and asked for prayer, because his son lives in a different country and lost his job, and there was nothing he could do for him. As I prayed for him, he sat there in tears thanking me for praying. I also went to The Ranch, a rehab center for men with alcohol and drug addictions. We would go spend time with them talking, playing games, and sharing hot mugs of oatmeal.


That sounds like an amazing opportunity to love on the people there. Where does your desire to serve come from?

I love to serve. Being able to help and love on people with no expectation of receiving anything in return is humbling and fulfilling. It comes from being around my dad. He has the biggest heart to serve and love people. Growing up, that is what I saw, and it became a part of me.

How have these trips impacted your life?

The people touched my heart the most, I have such a love for them. I would love to go back for 2-3 months and build on the relationships I made. The kids in the community were so full of life and wanted to talk to me even though I didn’t know much Spanish. It was so heartwarming to know even though there was a barrier it didn’t stop them from trying to connect and communicate.



What information would you give to anyone who would like to get involved or serve on a trip like you did?

I would say that it is worth your time to go, experience, serve, and build a home. You can take your own team and YWAM helps through the whole process, so it’s easy to plan!


Bek had such an amazing experience. If you or someone you know is interested in helping build a home for a family in need, you can apply with YWAM to help with Homes of Hope by visiting their website at



Designer Spotlight: Emma Holmstedt

It’s Designer Spotlight week again and we are featuring our newest team member – Emma Holmstedt! Emma joined our team just over 2 months ago, has a passion for design and helping people live happier, healthier lives in their homes. She earned her Bachelor of Science from the Art Institute in Minneapolis and her MFA in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

What inspires you?

Nature and technology and how we can combine the two to make a more sustainable life for us all.

What is the best design advice you’ve ever received?

Always layer your lighting and have several different options and moods within a space.

Are there any new design trends that excite you?

Wallpaper is coming back, and it is so much fun to see what new patterns and textures are being made.

What are your hobbies, when you’re not designing?

I love sports with my family, playing soccer in our yard, enjoying a good bottle of wine, and reading.

If you could design a space for a celebrity, who would it be and why?

If I could choose a person not alive, I choose Marie Antoinette as she would have an unlimited budget and it would be so decorative, over the tip and unique that maybe I would have started a design movement.

What is your favorite room you’ve ever been in?

In Spain, Mies Van Der Rohe built one of my most beloved architectural structures, the Barcelona Pavilion, and it brought me to tears standing in it. It is so powerful to experience something I had written about, designed projects from, and was just truly inspired by his work and the simple beauty of this building.

If you had $100 to put the finishing touches on a space, what do you do?

Flowers – biggest bang for your buck.

Emma will be taking over our social media accounts this week, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some design tips and inspiration.