Breathing New Life Into Reclaimed Wood

It’s not the house that makes a home. It is the people who live in the house that make a home. It’s the little details that make the house unique from any other. Those little details tell the story of the family within. Reflecting the values and passions of those who call it home. We are so honored to be invited to work with homeowners every day to help them turn their house into a home that reflects who they are. A home they can be proud of.

When Paul and his wife Becky reached out to us about remodeling their home we were thrilled with the vision they had to create a space that was classic, homey and one of a kind. They had purchased their home in 2001 and decided that after 17 years, it was time for an update to the home’s interior. 

Paul works in the home construction industry and has a passion for quality work. He had heard about Renewal through George’s nephew Greg, a talented architect whom he had worked with on a recent project. He was thrilled to find that George’s passion for quality and service matched his own.

Paul and Becky chose a bright white color pallet but wanted to create a comfortable warm space within that. They did this by pulling in earth-toned and organic elements throughout the house. They decided that wooden beams would bring interest and the warm quality they were looking for.

This sent them on a journey to find the perfect beams. For Paul, this meant an opportunity to find unique and storied pieces that only reclaimed wood can provide. Although He knew that new wood can be processed and weathered to create a reclaimed look, he felt drawn to the opportunity to keep quality wood out of the landfill and to breath new life into some one-of-a-kind beams.

Paul and Becky chose a cool color palette, but pulled warm tones into their home using these beautiful reclaimed beams.

Paul worked with Rhine Reclaimed Wood to find beams that were full of character. The beams he chose were from a warehouse in Seattle that had been torn down. He looked for things that added character like the way the grain had weathered over time, any paint that was left, staples and nails. He also looked for colors in the wood that would bring out other elements in the home. He and Becky wanted to see a story when they looked at these beams and have a built-in conversation starter.

The beams run throughout the house.

The process is not a simple one, but it is well worth it if you are on the hunt for the unique and reclaimed. Paul spent 3 hours picking beams out of the stacks of reclaimed wood that Rhine provides. Then the beams were power washed and sent to the home. Paul and Becky had originally planned to stain the beams, but once they got them into their home, they fell in love with the color and the raw, organic quality of the wood and decided to leave them unstained to preserve the weathered and storied feel.

From there we stepped in to plan and execute the arrangement and installation of the beams into the home. We are so happy with the way the beams flow through the home to create a consistently homey and welcoming feeling throughout. It was a special project throughout, and we have to say that we wholeheartedly agree with Paul and Becky, the beams bring warmth into the home and provide interest and story all while keeping some beautiful wood out of the landfill.

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