Building a Home for the Silva Sosa Family

Renewal Remodels & Additions, along with some incredible volunteers, have partners with YWAM and are excited to announce that we once again have the opportunity to travel to Tijuana, Mexico (April 13-15th) to build a home for a family in need. This year, our team is staffed with 17 adults and 6 kids (ages of 8-14) who will be spending an incredible weekend building a home for the Silva Sosa family. We are so honored to be able to use the resources we’ve been blessed with to help this wonderful family create a new home.

The Silva Sosa family are hard workers, doing everything they can to provide for their four precious children, Alejandra (14), Jose (13), Yaira (8), and America Briyith (2). Jose Samual is a laborer who, despite putting in long hard hours, makes $81/week. Unfortunately for Jose and his wife, Maria, this is sometimes just not enough. The family is so extremely thankful and excited for a new start in a safe and healthy home.

While this might be a short-term mission trip for Renewal, it will have a long-term effect for this family. We will work with the family to build their home and get them fully outfitted with the furniture and appliances they need, but we are also looking forward to spending time in fellowship getting to know them and hearing their stories.

This life changing experience for both the family and the volunteers is made possible by the gracious support and donations from the community. If you are interested in donating to this cause, you can do so here: (and reference the team name Renewal Remodels & Additions). Your generous donations cover the the cost of the home and furniture for the family.

Follow Renewal on Instagram (@renewalremodels) and be sure to watch our Instagram stories throughout the weekend! Then check back for the post-trip blog to see photos and hear about our time with the Silva Sosa family.