The kitchen is a functional space for preparing meals – but we all know it ends up being the place where people congregate and papers pile up. Kitchen islands are a great way to create more workspace, break up an open floor plan, or provide seating for those who inevitably gather in the kitchen.

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Not all kitchen islands are created equal. Identifying the main purpose of your kitchen island will kick-start your remodeling process. Is your goal to have more counter space and a separate area for meal prep? A place for people to sit and chat while you cook? An informal area to eat? Kitchen islands can be used for a variety of functions, so make sure you select the right style to fit your needs.

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The size of your island depends largely on the footprint of your kitchen. An ideal island is proportioned and shaped to fit the room – if your kitchen is long and narrow, the island should mirror that space. If you have an open floor plan, a longer kitchen island can also be the perfect way to divide up the space.

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If your kitchen can accommodate a larger island it can give you more opportunities for storage, as well as seating and work space. With a big island, you can incorporate display shelves for cookbooks, serving platters, and decorative dishes or glassware. Cupboards and drawers in the island are a great place to store those items that are less-frequently used.

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There is no rule saying your island needs to accommodate seating, but many homeowners enjoy having a spot for others to sit and talk while they are cooking. If you plan to integrate seating, you should consider whether you would like a two-tiered island to differentiate the sitting area from the rest of the countertop space, or if you prefer the look of a continuous, flat surface.

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Kitchen islands can be a statement, as well as a functional surface. A colored kitchen island can make a big impact in an otherwise monotone kitchen. Don’t be afraid to create a strong contrast between the island and its surroundings. A bold color can pop against a creamy white kitchen, or a rich wood can add instant warmth.

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