Endless Summer – Outdoor Living in the Northwest

In the Northwest we have this desire to extend our summers as long as we can however, as fall approaches, the evenings become cooler and the days shorter. I love the fall season and want to enjoy every moment, even when the temperatures drop in the evening. When planning for our home remodel we chose to create an outdoor living space that protected us from the elements and gave us the ability to enjoy the space in the evenings. Our upper deck is an extension of our main living space and where we plan on spending time as an outdoors in the fall and winter.


In the Northwest the key to using your outdoor space is staying warm. For heaters we chose WD40 infratech heaters. They are electric heaters that provide enough heat to stay warm (even hot if we choose) in the cool evenings. The nice thing about infratech is they are not affected by the wind as opposed to gas heat that can loose its effectiveness on a windy day. They come with a timer and temperature control that allows limited use and shuts itself off just in case you forget to turn them off.

To enhance the aesthetics of our space we chose to recess the heaters into the soffit creating a finished look. We carefully followed the manufacturers instructions so that the heaters would still work safely. If your structure doesn’t allow for recessed installation you can also install them hanging down from the ceiling.