Dreamy Kitchen for Entertaining

Our client made the most of an unfortunate water leak, using it as an opportunity to design and construct her dream kitchen. The home was located on a golf course, surrounded by gorgeous pine trees and a small pond; so our client wanted unobstructed views of the beautiful surroundings! We worked with her to design a space with lots of natural light, earthy tones, and materials that blended with the beautiful exterior of the home. She also wanted to incorporate a large dining table for entertaining, open shelves, and glass cabinets to show off decorative glassware. Key features include Patagonia granite, natural travertine/stone backsplash, walnut floors, butcher-block island with hammered copper sink, ceiling beams, and NanaWalls. The kitchen underwent a dramatic transformation, and by so doing, transformed the life of our client, allowing her to open her home to more of the people she cares about.

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