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Dreams can become reality, and Renewal Remodels & Additions is ready to prove it. Our experienced home remodeling team has been updating homes for over 20 years. Our customers love the way we design and build fresh, new living spaces from their old homes. Can you dream of a home that suits you and your changing family? Do you want a home that better reflects your personality? If your home needs a remodel, we can handle all the details with professionalism and care. Renewal Remodels is here for you in Puyallup, Washington and surrounding areas.

A Professional Home Remodeling Process that is Proven to Work

When you work with Renewal Remodels, you’re dealing with true industry experts who understand what works and what doesn’t work. Because we have 20+ years of experience in the home remodeling business, we have a working process that will make your remodeling project run smoothly from start to finish. Our process helps us reduce the overall cost of your project. It also reduces stress and worry. An important part of our process is communication with our customers. We always work to keep you fully aware of every step, and we always keep your needs and desires in mind.

We listen carefully. When we discuss your project with you, we are all ears. We want to understand your needs and goals before we begin. We also listen carefully to your budget needs and your timeline expectations. What you have to say is important to us.

Our design team works out a plan. Our expert designers put their skills to work by coming up with a design that will make great use of your home's space. Our designs are creative, functional, and customized to suit your personality.

Design approval. We will explain the design carefully to you, and together we decide what is going to work. When you are satisfied with the design, the features, and the fixtures, you approve it, and we can begin the next step.

Construction begins. After the design is in place, our construction team gets to work in your home. We work efficiently, and we always clean up before we leave for the day. You can count on us to cause the minimal amount of noise and mess possible, so that your life won't be overly disrupted while we're here. If you have questions, we're here to answer them. You will also get daily updates online.

Completed home remodeling project. We are finished only when you are completely satisfied with your new living spaces. Let us know if something doesn't seem quite right. Our goal is to please you!

Our home remodeling process revolves around the individual homeowners. You’re going to have peace of mind when you hire Renewal Remodels to work on your remodeling project in Puyallup, Washington.

Comprehensive Services for Every Home Remodeling Need

Every home is unique, which makes our job so interesting! We love the variety of projects that come our way. Over the years, we have gained experience in many areas of home remodeling. Some homeowners come to us with houses that need to be expanded or designed to make better use of the space. Sometimes we work on outdated homes that require a complete makeover to freshen its appearance. Some projects are smaller, based on one room that needs to be remodeled. Whatever your home’s needs, Renewal Remodels is the place to go for home remodeling services.

kitchen remodel company

Kitchen Remodels

Families meet and gather in kitchens, making this one of the most important rooms in your home. Your kitchen needs to be inviting with enough space to accommodate everyone in your home. Plus, you need plenty of workspace for food preparation, and enough storage space for your kitchen tools and appliances. If your kitchen needs remodeling, we can help. Our kitchen remodeling crews can do these tasks in your kitchen, plus more:

  • Install new cabinets, cupboards, countertops, and flooring for a great look that reflects your personal tastes.
  • Update your old fixtures and appliances with modern fixtures that will make your kitchen experience better.
  • Design a better layout for your kitchen, so you can move around efficiently.
  • Add new features to your current kitchen, such as a pantry, a wet bar, or a dining area.
Small Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

Bathroom Remodels

When your bathroom gets that tired, dingy look, you know it’s time for a remodel. We can create a beautiful, relaxing space from your old bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling projects may include:

  • Updated lighting.
  • Modern bathroom fixtures, including jetted tubs and steam showers.
  • More storage space.
  • Luxury touches for a spa-like experience.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Puyallup offers lovely views, and where better to enjoy them than your own backyard? Renewal Remodels can create a backyard retreat for your home. Our outdoor living spaces include:

  • Improved patios with plenty of space for entertaining.
  • Modern outdoor kitchens, customized to your cooking needs.
  • A fire pit area.
  • Whatever else you can dream of in your outdoor landscape!

Home Additions

A new addition to your home may be the answer you need to solve your cramped living space dilemma. Any addition is added seamlessly to your existing home, without ruining the looks of your architecture. Instead of moving, give us a call, and we’ll talk about home additions, such as:

  • New bedrooms and bathrooms to keep up with your growing family.
  • Separate dining areas for formal entertaining.
  • Screened-in porches to blend the outdoors with the comforts of your home.

Whole Home Remodels

When your whole house needs an update, you want to make sure you hire someone with experience in whole home remodels. We can safely and effectively give your home the makeover it needs. Our expert designers will create a home design especially suited to your needs and preferences. Everything we do is professional and guaranteed to satisfy you completely!

Are You Ready to Talk About Home Remodeling?

Great! We’re waiting to hear from you. Our first goal will be to listen carefully to you during a one-on-one consultation. This is a free consultation, with no obligation to you. We hope to learn more about your Puyallup home’s needs, as well as answer some of your questions about our home remodeling process. Contact us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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