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What dreams do you have for your Tacoma, Washington home? Renewal Remodels & Additions wants to help you achieve those dreams. Our professional home remodeling team has been remodeling homes for over 20 years. We handle every step of the process, from beautiful and innovative designs to quality construction to top customer service throughout the process. You won’t have to hire any other companies when you choose us for your remodeling project. Keep reading to learn more about our worry-free process, the different types of remodeling projects we specialize in, and the options available for your home in and around Tacoma, Washington.

Tacoma, Washington Home Remodeling

Our Home Remodeling Process Puts Your Needs First

A home remodeling project is a major commitment. We understand the types of worries that come up: Will it look right in the end? Will we be able to afford it? How long will we have to put up with a mess in our house? Renewal Remodels aims to put all your worries to rest before we even begin. Our home remodeling process has been fine-tuned over the years and guarantees your satisfaction, or we’ll fix it so you like it.

We listen carefully to you. Our first job is to learn as much as we can about you, your home, and what you want us to accomplish. We listen to everything you say, so we can come up with a customized plan for your home. We also listen to your concerns, your questions, and your budget needs. We'll do everything we can to answer your questions so you feel comfortable moving forward with our team.

The designers create a plan. Your ideas for your home combine with the creative expertise of our design team. Our designs are specially created for individual homes and your personal needs and style.

Design approval. When we have something to show you, we'll ask your opinion about the design of your remodeled home. Everything we plan to put into your home will get your personal approval before we continue to the building stage.

The remodeling begins! The exciting transformation of your home continues. Our experienced and respectful building crew will come in to work their remodeling magic. We work hard to reduce mess and noise in your home. We always clean up before going home for the day. You get daily updates from us on our online portal, and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them right away.

Is it finished? Our job is finished when you are completely satisfied with our work. We want you to enjoy your remodeled home for years to come.

Tacoma homeowners love the way our home remodeling process centers around their personal needs and desires. This is why we see so many returning customers; our quality and care can’t be beat.

Whatever Your Home Needs, We Can Do It!

Each home brings its own challenges. That’s why we customize every home remodeling project we do. Is your home old and needs to be modernized to better fit your family’s needs? Have you recently moved into your home, and now you need to make a few adjustments? Are you tired of your home’s outdated style? Could you use some additional space? Renewal Remodels & Additions handles every need. We’ll help you create the perfect living spaces for your unique family.

kitchen remodel company

Kitchen Remodels

Update your kitchen area with top-quality fixtures and appliances. Get a complete kitchen makeover for added storage, a fresh look, and a better layout. Kitchens are high-traffic areas, and they should look and function at maximum potential so your family can easily create meals and congregate together. A kitchen remodel could include these features:

  • New cabinets, cupboards, and countertops
  • Added pantry, island, or wet bar
  • Better lighting, with particular attention to natural light
  • A style to suit your personality
Small Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

Bathroom Remodels

Insert a touch of luxury into your home with a completely remodeled bathroom. Our professional bathroom remodels transform old, cramped spaces into sanctuaries of peace and cleanliness. You’ll love your bathroom when you include one or more of these items:

  • Extra storage space for bathroom essentials
  • New fixtures for better lighting and modern convenience
  • Luxury showers and baths that give you a spa-like feel every time you enter your bathroom

Home Additions

Make more living space with a home addition. Renewal Remodels & Additions expertly adds rooms to your existing Tacoma home without sacrificing the beauty of your home’s architecture. Our additions are seamless, and they give you more freedom to live the way you want to live in your home. A home addition may be in your future if you need:

  • More bedroom and bathroom space for a growing family
  • A sun room for added natural light
  • A guest suite
  • More space for entertaining

Outdoor Living Space

Bring more of your family life into your backyard with a new outdoor living space. We have experience designing beautiful custom spaces for homeowners in the Tacoma area. These additions increase the versatility of your home and add value to your life:

  • Creative patio spaces
  • Customized outdoor kitchens
  • Kids’ play areas
  • Fire pit areas

Whole Home Remodels

Take complete advantage of our remodeling expertise with a whole home remodel. We rethink your entire space and make better use of what you already own. A whole home remodel transforms old homes into beautiful, functional living spaces that truly reflect your personal tastes. Let us know if we can give your home a makeover!

Begin Your Home Remodeling Project with a Free Consultation

Now that you know a little about our company, we invite you to contact us. We want to know about you and your home! Every home remodeling project we work on begins with a one-on-one consultation. This consultation is free and there is no obligation to you. This is our chance to show you how good we are at listening, and it’s your chance to ask the questions you’ve been wondering about. Join the many loyal customers from the Tacoma area who believe that Renewal Remodels is the best home remodeling company around!

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