The Reality of a Remodel: A Note From George

We always do our best throughout the remodeling process to keep the mess and noise to a minimum, but we aren’t going to tell you that remodels are not messy, noisy work. We will create dust and it will migrate to areas it shouldn’t. We do our best to control it but it seems to go where it wants. Even after our team finishes their deep cleaning, it may be found hiding here and there.

We like to compare the remodeling process to the process of having a baby. From start to finish, there are different “trimesters” if you will before your beautiful home is reborn.

When you choose us and your remodeling plan is finalized, you experience excitement and expectation similar to finding out you have a new baby on the way!

Then comes the morning sickness. This is the mess and noise that come with the reality of all the changes happening in your home. We liken this to the first trimester of pregnancy because many uncomfortable changes happen in this time and we know that no two women experience this process in the same way. This is true for remodeling as well. The experience is unique in each home and for each family.

Once demo is done, the dust begins to settle and rooms start to open up as walls are replaced with beams and you start to see your remodel coming together. This is what we refer to as your “second trimester”. The discomfort of the first trimester fades and a new wave of excitement starts as you experience the signs of life beginning to show!

Then comes the 3rd trimester, You have now reached the final stretch of the process and are probably very excited and anxious for the completion of your home remodel, just as you would be anxious for the birth of your baby. The waiting at this point might become more difficult as you are so close to seeing your dreams become reality. But it’s important to allow the process to come to full term even when you are anxious for us to put on the finishing touches and get out of your home.

Then, it happens as if a baby is being born. The months of waiting for this day is finally here! Your remodel is done and you’re living in it without any interruption. It’s beautiful and it’s all yours! And just like the process of having a baby, the wait and discomfort were completely worth it!

We know that home is a special place. That is why we feel so honored when our homeowners invite us into theirs. Our goal is to always value that trust by providing unparalleled service and integrity.